How to Shrink Shoes NOT DAMAGING Them

Wearing shoes that fit perfectly can make a world of contrast in terms of comfort. Unfortunately, when you buy new shoes, sometimes they can be a little too big for your feet. But they look so good on you! How to avoid discomfort and even injury by wearing unsuitable shoes? In such circumstances, shrink your shoes – is an answer.

But shrinking your shoes can be a delicate process that you really don’t want to mess up. Do it incorrectly, and shrinking can cause irreversible damage. 

This article will show you the correct way how to shrink shoes. Achieve the perfect fit without damaging the delicate material!

Try Insoles and Shoe Cushions First

Before shrink your shoes, you can try to make them more comfortable in less radical ways first. Insoles or shoe cushions can help you to fill the extra space in your shoes. They provide comfort and also prevent your feet from sliding around inside the shoes. If they don’t work for you, only then you can proceed with shrinking your shoes.

Blow Dryer

To start shrink your shoes with a blow dryer, first wet the parts of the shoe that need adjusting (outside and inside the shoe). This could be anywhere from the toe box or heel area down to just part of one side. Once it’s wetted, apply heat by aiming the hair dryer inside the shoe for 1 minute. After heating, wear the shoe and aim the hair dryer on the wet parts outside the shoe until they begin to shrink and take shape around your foot. 

Additional Tips

  • After shrinking the shoes, it’s recommended to apply some leather conditioner to restore natural softness. Also, it will protect your leather shoes from dirt and water damage.
  • Using a shoe tree is a great way to save the shape of your shoes. This tool will help to store shoes for a long period of time, making them more comfortable and fitting better.


Shrinking shoes can be a delicate process, but with the right approach, you can achieve the perfect fit. Firstly, try alternative solutions like insoles or shoe cushions before you move on to the hair dryer. Additionally, consider using a leather conditioner.