How to Cut Leather Belt Guide for Beginners

In this blog post, we will be discussing how to cut a leather belt. This is an important process when it comes to making your own belts from scratch and can also be helpful if you have a belt that needs to be shortened or replaced. There are many methods for cutting leather belts, but the easiest way is with a rotary cutter and ruler. All you need is a sharp blade on the rotary cutter and some patience!

Easiest Way to Cut Leather Belt

The easiest way to shorten a belt is to cut it off with the belt end. But what if you want to keep it? You can shorten your belt from the buckle side, still looking nice. This is only a little more difficult than cutting the ends off.

Cutting Leather Belt Using Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is a good tool for cutting leather strips and belts. It can work well if you use a ruler to guide the blade. However, it is not good at cutting straps and belts that are 8 or 9 ounces.

To cut a strap or belt, you need to do many cuts in a row. You can also just use the plow gauge, draw gauge, or strap cutter, which is faster and better.

A rotary cutter is useful for cutting leather. It features a lengthy cutting surface. It can cut through the leather that is less than one millimeter thick. The essential aspect is that the rotary cutter be sharp, and you should use a straight metal ruler as a guide.

Cutting Leather Belt Using Strap Cutter

A leather strap cutter is a tool for cutting belts and straps. It is great for first-time leather craftsmen because it can cut up to 8 or 9 ounces of any belt or strap.

Draw gauges and strap cutters are both tools to cut leather. They do similar tasks, but they are different in some ways. For example, draw gauges can be used on less sturdy materials than strap cutters, and draw gauges can do more advanced cutting techniques than strap cutters. Draw gauges also have some disadvantages: the cutting width is smaller, and it’s harder to see what you’re doing because you need strong light or magnifying glass.

Cutting Leather Belt Using Strap Cutter

A strap cutter is a tool for cutting the straps off of boxes. It’s made of wood, and it has a slot where you can insert blades. It’s easier to learn than a draw gauge. The plow gauges, the draw gauges, and the strap cutters are all less expensive than the strap cutter.

Cutting Leather Belt Using Draw Gauge

The draw gauge is a tool to cut leather. It can be used on heavy leather that weighs 9 oz or more. The typical thickness of a belt is 8-9 oz.

A draw gauge is a good tool for belts. Draw gauges are used to make the belt thicker or thinner when people need it to be. This helps because most belts are in this range, and you can still adjust them even if they’re already in that category.

The belt buckle can be adjusted to fit most belts and straps, but it takes a little getting used to.

The draw gauge has a few drawbacks. The major one is that the blade is visible and could hurt someone.

Cutting Leather Belt Using Round Knife

A round knife is also an excellent tool for trimming leather straps and belts to fit your size if necessary. For example, you may quickly trim off the extra length from a leather belt, strap, or strip on a hard, smooth surface by rocking the round knife in a fast forward or backward motion.


Can you cut leather with scissors?

You can cut leather with scissors, but it’s not the best choice. A rotary cutter is an easier way to go about cutting a strip of leather if you’re trying to do so!

How long should my belt be?

If your belt was bought off-the-rack at some store, there are size guidelines on the packaging that will tell you how long it needs to be for yourself (or anyone else who’ll wear it). If you’ve made your own or altered one from another pair of pants by adding holes and buckling hardware, then these won’t apply. You may need to try first before finding out what length works best for you! That said, most belts fit between 32 – 38 inches in length.

Is leather hard to cut?

Not at all! Leather is actually one of the easiest materials you can use, provided you’re using a sharp blade and not simply trying to tear it apart like paper. If your knife isn’t very sharp, then consider getting some high-quality blades for the best results.

Can you cut a Gucci belt?

If it is too long, they will have to cut both sides. They will remake the side that holds the metal part and cut off the other end if possible. It’s not way too long; the belt is 42″ long and fits a 36-38 inch waist. You should not need to do much more cutting.

Final Words

In conclusion, it is best to use a straight metal ruler as a guide when cutting leather belts or straps. Cutting with the strap cutter, draw gauge, round knife, and scissors are also useful for this purpose. Thanks for reading!