BMW SensaTec Leather: Everything You Should Know

BMW uses a synthetic leather-like material called SensaTec on the base trims of specific lesser-level versions. It’s not natural leather, but rather fake leather that looks and sounds like genuine leather. PVC, PU, polyester microfibers, and other synthetic materials are most often used by upholstery companies to make fake leather.

The chemical structure of a crude oil-based plasticizer is combined with a tab of SensaTec leather in the making process (just like any other artificial leather). Then, to protect the material from direct sunlight, and ultraviolet light stabilizer is added. The stabilizer also shields it from combustion and fire.

Synthetic leather Does not feel or smell like genuine leather. When you compare the two, you’ll immediately notice a difference in quality and feel. Synthetic leather materials will be chilly, flexible, snapping, and easy to split, whereas genuine leather will be warm, firm, and long-lasting.

Pros and Cons of BMW SensaTec Leather

  • It is not expensive to make
  • SensaTec leather upholstery does not require a specialized care
  • It won’t stretch or crease easily
  • The leather is not as soft as genuine leather

SensaTec Leather Usage

Entry-level BMW vehicles do not come standard with genuine leather, unlike high-end models. Instead, they include fake leather called SensaTec. Standard plastic seats are available unless a premium seat of real leather is purchased or the vehicle is at the higher end of the line.

Manufacturers of car seats accept a few different forms of plastic. These are frequently utilized in almost all BMWs made today unless a premium is paid for genuine leather or the automobile model is at the top of the chain.

Some things make it hard to believe. It appears genuine, but it isn’t real leather and isn’t nearly as comfortable or pleasant as natural leather. The significant benefits are cost and durability. It may survive up to ten years or more without the need for replacement. It’s also vegan, so if you don’t want an authentic cowhide interior in your BMW, SensaTec is an excellent alternative.

SensaTec Leather Care and Maintenance

A clean and dry cloth is all you need to keep your BMW looking great. Keep in mind these are not genuine leather, so it doesn’t feel the same as real leather. It’s also vegan-friendly if that’s something you care about when buying a vehicle with an interior made of fake cowhide material.

Avoid using water or any cleaning agent directly on the seat surface because moisture may damage SensaTec over time. To clean up spills, you can use cheap leather wipes. If there is no choice but to use soap (for instance, when removing dirt), make sure it does not contain bleach or other harsh chemicals that can quickly eat through plastic surfaces. Avoid direct sunlight for extended periods since heat can damage the material too.

SensaTec Leather Care and Maintenance

While caring for SensaTec leather, it’s better not to use a substance that includes oils, alcohol, or ammonia. This is because these components might damage the leather lining.

The main goal of SensaTec maintenance is to keep it clean and preserved from UV fading. Because it washes easily and leaves no residue behind, multi-surface cleaner spray could be one of the finest cleaning chemicals available. You may want to start by cleaning a little, inconspicuous portion of your automobile’s interior before diving right in to ensure that the chosen solution does not remove any colors that the vinyl retains or creates any other unforeseen consequences.

Spray a light mist on the surface to be washed and fully cover it, as well as a light mist onto a microfiber towel for moderately soiled seats. Then, work the substance into the surface in circular motions to create a lather.

Useful Tip: If you want to clean your automobile’s interior, remember that the pleather covering needs particular care. It’s best not to use a product with oils, alcohol, or ammonia in it since this can damage the pleather coating and cause it to deteriorate. Instead, to help prevent dirt build-up and color transfer, utilize a product that leaves behind a protective layer.


Is Sensatec hotter than leather?

Because it’s composed of plastic, SensaTec does not breathe like real leather. Therefore, it will feel hotter and less pleasant when it is hot since it doesn’t breathe.

What is the difference between leather and leatherette in BMW?

It’s not made from animal skin like real leather, and it’s not made of vinyl. Leatherette seats, like genuine leather, have distinct features from other materials.

Is SensaTec better than leather?

The primary advantage of SensaTec is that it is less expensive than leather, resulting in lower starting prices for vehicles in which it is installed. SensaTec lasts longer than leather. SensaTec takes less upkeep. Cleaning SensaTec is easier.

Can I use leather cleaner on SensaTec?

Leather cleaners are one of the most frequently purchased leather care products. They’re typically found as the first upgrade option from SensaTec or Leatherette. However, for regular cleaning, I recommend Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner. Even though they offer a variety of goods, this is one area in which they got it right; it’s effective and performs effectively.

Useful Video: Slight Interior Clean – How to Clean & Protect SensaTec Leather

Final Words

In conclusion, SensaTec leather is not bad at all. If you are looking for something more durable than real cowhide but don’t want to spend the money on top-of-the-line BMWs that come standard with seats made out of real leather or if veganism is your lifestyle choice, then SensaTec might just be what you’re after. It’s also quite easy to care for and won’t cost much in upkeep over time – it’s worth considering!